Sunday, May 05, 2013

Flowers at Wilberforce Community Hall, Hawkesbury, NSW

Took the Rolleiflex 3.5F out on a bike ride this sunny Sunday, from Windsor to Ebenezer, on the banks of the Hawkesbury river. I was worried about riding my bike on the main highway with heavy traffic, but it turned out to be not too bad. For most of the 11km trip there was a metre-wide bike strip beside the highway. I got the usual few shouts, and screams from ute passengers, but otherwise it was OK. A fairly flat road and the wide horizons make you really feel like you are away from Sydney in amongst the ploughed fields, the barns and the gum trees in paddocks.
I stopped off in a small settlement called Wilberforce, which had a wonderful old Community Hall, with some flowers on the tree outside - not sure what for, couldn't read the inscription. It felt a bit like how I imagine the Mid West would be - picket fences and friendly but insular folk. On a few more km to Ebenezer, where I perused the old church and its wonderful setting next to the river. According to the info at the church, it was the oldest in Australia, set up in 1803. Governor Macquarie came up here on a boat for breakfast, allegedly. They even have the stump of a tree under which the first religious service was held. Nice place for Devonshire Tea, but as usual the views of the river were not as good as I expected. Most of the river front was private land and inaccessible. Nevertheless, it's a nice place and I'd recommend a visit.
By the way, I did something wrong during the developing of the first roll of Lucky film from the Rolleiflex, hence the dark band down the right hand side. Enjoy!


Sue said...

I didn't realise you were back in Sydney, and just by chance took a look. So pleased to see more wonderful pictures - I'm still back in the UK, but originally Australian, so enjoy your photographs.

Michael Woodhead said...

Thanks Sue, yes back sooner than expected - was planning to be away for a year or two but the UK Border Authority had other ideas. Nice to be back in Sydney though, especially weather wise. Will keep posting pics while my film stocks last!

Sue said...

Excellent, I shall look forward to them. Sorry about the problems you had here though with the border agency.