Sunday, April 28, 2013

Parramatta family portrait - by Rolleiflex

Parramatta family, originally uploaded by jiulong.

Not sure if I like the grainy quality of this pic of the family on our way to have yum cha in Parramatta today. It was taken with the usually reliable Rolleiflex 3.5F using some leftover Shanghai GP3 film that I bought ages ago in Beijing. I developed it in Kodak D76 (made up from powder) for six minutes. Everything seems a bit too grainy and contrasty. Maybe I should try a shorter developing time next time.
It was yet another lovely sunny day, and i would have liked to go out to the beach for a swim. However, we are currently living in Baulkham Hills and it's just too far to get to the beach from here - especially when we have two teenage boys who just can't get out of bed before 10am on weekends. So instead we went to nearby Parramatta and had yum cha at Princes Restaurant (not that impressed to be honest - not much choice, too much seafood in everything). The upside was that we found a decent cafe on the way back that did really good coffee - right at the top of Church St, just before the arts centre. Can't remember the name.

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