Monday, April 29, 2013

Oi! Back to work!

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[Pic by Rolleiflex 3.5F with Shanghai GP3 film]

Back at work in a full time job for the first time in .. oh, about a year. I'm back at my old office and it feels surreal - I'm the new boy but the old timer, having worked there for almost ten years on and off before I left last year. Within a few minutes of being there, I find myself doing thing automatically such as going to the kitchen to make a cuppa. It's the same but different - the company has been bought out and quite a lot of people have been culled or moved around. I'm sat at a new desk with just the bare bones of office furniture, the crappiest computer and nasty monitor ... welcome back! But at least everyone is friendly.
Getting there is another thing. Living [temporarily] in Baulkham HIlls means that I had to catch the 602 bus today along the M2. Not too bad, but its a bit of a new experience for me, commuting by bus in Sydney. Got the last free seat and squeezed on with my fold up Brompton bike. Coming home I tried taking the train all the way - and cycling back up from Seven Hills - set off just after five and didn;t get home until nearly seven. Won't be trying that again!

Meanwhile, I am finishing off the book 'Hack' by NOTW journalist Graham Johnson. It just confirms all my worst prejudices about tabloid journalists (if you can call them journalists) .. and about the utter decline of Britain into chavs and Daily Mail reading smug reactionaries. I'm also reading a biography of a German woman (with the un-German name of Louise Fox) who worked as a clerk for Hermann Goering. She later emigrated to Tasmania and had a very mundane later life in Launceston and the Gold Coast. She writes of how the Nazi leaders have now become comic book hate figures, portrayed as utter madmen. In reality she says they were quite ordinary people who just had a lot of ambition and who were in the right place at the right time, and all the worse for that. It's weird to read about how the 'enemy' were quite like us.

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