Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The end of this blog - goodbye

Seaplane over North Head, SydneyWell this blog has come to its end. I can no longer live up to its title. I am leaving Sydney and have sold most of my Leicas. It's been an interesting seven years or so since I started posting my film pictures of Sydney. But even when I started, digital was dominant. Now it is even worse - film has been just about wiped out. The labs have almost all closed. I can no longer afford to develop prints, and Kodak has stopped producing my favourite film, Ektachrome. I've enjoyed photographing Sydney, though I recognise that I am just a hamfisted amateur. I make no claim to artistic merit, but I think a few of my pictures have captured some of the beauty and soul of this wonderful city.
Now it is time to move on. I am heading back to my home town.
I thought I would have received more comments on this blog than I did (hardly any) ... maybe I should have posted pictures of food. So long!