Tuesday, November 30, 2004

What to do when it's 38 degrees

Ashfield pool
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It's the boys swimming week this week, but believe it or not they didn't go today because it was "too hot". The teacher said it was too hot to go outside!

Work that one out.

So here's a swim they did earlier.

Train to work

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The 8.16 Hornsby service stopping at Redfern, Central, Town Hall, Wynyard, Milson's Point, North Sydney and all stations to Hornsby ... Stand clear doors closing.

Looking for shellfish at Cremorne Pt

Cremorne Pt
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Someone would rather be playing Playstation ...

Cremorne Point

Cremorne Point
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That's Taronga Zoo over there, somewhere behind the ferry. NIce place for a picnic this. Good for hunting crabs too.

A Suzuki Sierra in King's Cross

Suzuki Sierra
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Looks just like mine!

Monday, November 29, 2004

Another Andrew portrait

Rose bay me
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Dad I chopped your legs off ...

Andrew at Neilsen's beach

andrew at neilsen's beach, originally uploaded by mutikonka.

Well after much moaning and groaning we finally got him there - to the cafe that is. It was a 2km walk from the car! And by gum that drink tasted good. A lovely Italian cafe with great views of the busy Shark Bay. But a bit too crowded for my liking.

Paul on Heritage Walk beach

paul on heritage walk beach, originally uploaded by mutikonka.

I don't know the name of this beach - it's reached from Tivoli Road, and there was hardly anyone there - nice and peaceful except for a few visitors in boats. Water seemed clean ...

View from Rose Bay

rose bay
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This is the view from the Heritage Walk along the foreshore of Rose Bay, towards the city. A very hot Sunday the 27th November - best place to be!

Vito B; 400ASA f16/200s


Photos of Sydney, taken by Michael. Cameras used include a Contax IIIa with Sonnar 1.5/50mm lens(1950s); Leica IIIa with Summar (1937); Voigtlander Vito B; Zeiss Ikon Contessa; Yashica T5; Kiev 2 with Jupiter 8 lens; Kiev 4 with Jupiter 12 (35mm lens). Oh and a Kyocera Finecam S3X.